[sɹ̩˥ t͡sʰuŋ˥ ˈænʤələ ɕy˨˩˧]

Hi, I'm Angela!

I am a first-year PhD student in the Cognitive Science Department at Johns Hopkins University, adviced by Professor Colin Wilson.

My main research interests lie in phonology, the sound systems of human languages, and linguistics in general, as part of cognitive abilities. I wish to examine and develop theories addressing the overarching question of how phonological grammars are learned, represented and computed in human cognition. The topic that intrigues me the most is probabilistic patterns at the interface of phonology and morphology. I employ research methods that include but are not limited to formal phonology, linguistic and psychological experiments, computational modeling, and field work.

Prior to joining Hopkins, I completed my B.A. in Linguistics at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).